Pool Pumps 

Self-absorbing pool pumps with pre-filter

Polyester Sand Filters

It work reliably for years even under long sungliht thanks to its UV resistant surface made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester. 

Plastic Sand Filters

The polyethylene reservoir is preferred due to its durability, reliable performance and economical efficiency. It works reliaby for year even under long sunlight thanks to iys UV resistant surface made glass-fiber reinforced polyester.

6 Way Filters Valves

Multi way valves

Pool Machine Room

Completely glass reinforced engine room made of polyester produced by CSP is assembled only by pouring lean concrete under the pool in the area where the pool will be constructed and its connection the sewage drain is made
Polyester machine are provided ad a kit including pump filters, valves, whole installation set, control panel and lighting transformers and are assembled as a set. Automatic salt and pH devices, heat exchangers and etc. can also be placed additionally if desired. Moreover, it will surely provide additional value to your garden landscape with its light and stylish lid.