Winter Pool Cover

Purchasing and setting up a winter pool cover is one of the best investments a pool owner can make for pool.

The winter pool covers are one of the most important pool equipment, because it prevents drowning of animals, children and even adults.
Unlike summer solar covers, winter pool covers are tightly connected to the sunbathing platfomr by a series of hooks.

These hooks keep cover tightly over pool and prevent the sinking of cover into water because of weight of human or animal.

Winter pool is light and durable. It prevents dirt and wastes from getting into pool while at the same time it proctects pool from sun rays and prevents formation of algae and bacteria.


Summer Pool Cover

For a warmer and cleaner pool...

The pool cover allows your pool to lose less energy, this saving considerable amounts of energy, and secondly, it allows the pool to be protected from external factors such as leaves, soil, mud, dust and insects.